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Soil Temperature/Humidity Sensor
SG$ 74.04
Soil temperature and humidity sensor, for soil temperature and moisture detection, professional soil sensor manufacturers, supply soil moisture sensors, soil NPK sensors and other soil sensors
1-1/2" Square BMR Full-Range Speaker 8 Ohm
SG$ 9.15
The TEBM36S12-8/A Balanced-Mode Radiator (BMR) is an audio drive unit with an extended frequency response and wide directivity compared with a conventional drive unit. It combines the benefits of Tectonic Elements bending-wave technology and pistonic modes of operation. It is ideally suited for compact audio applications that require a full-range, high performance acoustic solution. This second generation drive unit has the same audio characteristics as its predecessor, with improved response smoothness and linearity at high excursion. A 4 version is also available
1.32m Temp Probe
SG$ 22.88
213mm SS Temp Probe, 6.00mm OD, 1320mm Length  - SINGLE
1.32m length SS RTD Temp probe
SG$ 38.37
100mm SS RTD Temperature Probe, 4.00mm OD / 100mm L, 1320mm Cable Length
1.83m Open/Closed Sensor
SG$ 22.21
Open/Closed Proximity Sensor, 1830mm Length - SINGLE
2.4GHz PCB Trace RF Antenna Connector Surface Mount
SG$ 18.85
NZH 2.4Ghz Microstrip antenna with MMCX connector
24V 1A Locking Power Adapter (Level VI)
SG$ 40.38
24V 1A, Lvl6, Intnl, 2.0mm (Locking) plug, IEC320-
C7/C8 2-pin for 3022
24V 1A Power Adapter (Level VI)
SG$ 33.65
100-240V, 2.1mm (ID) plug, IEC320-C7/C8 2-pin for 2211, 2212 LEX, 2304, 3500 REX, 4500 REX
4-port USB 2.0 Ethernet LAN Extender System
SG$ 565.39
The Ranger 2304GE-LAN comes with the following items in the box:

Remote extender (REX)
Local extender (LEX)
1 x USB 2.0 Type A to Type B cable
100-240V power adapter
Country specific power cord
Quick start guide
*Please be aware that the Ranger 2304GE-LAN does NOT come with a CAT5e cable.
4-port USB 3.1, 100m CAT 6a/7 Extender System
SG$ 1,479.43
The USB 3-2-1 extender offers you a 4-port USB 3.1 over CAT6a solution that can extend USB up to 100m. As an industry first, this extender is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices for simultaneous use at full 5Gbps bandwidth.
4245-00 EVK
SG$ 127.88
SPDT, Low IL, Reflective, 50Ω RF Switch Eval. Board
SG$ 127.88
SPDT, High Iso, Absorptive, 50Ω RF Switch Eval. Board
4G Modem RS232/RS485 to 4G with 1WAN &1LAN Europe Version
SG$ 168.27
4G Modem RS232/RS485 to 4G with 1WAN &1LAN  Europe version
4G Router with 1WAN & 1LAN Europe Version
SG$ 160.19
Europe Version Industrial Routers USR-G806-E/AU: high speed 3G/4G network, flexible VPN solutions and link redundancy can ensure the communication data most stability.
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
SG$ 321.73
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
SG$ 199.23
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
5V 3A Locking Power Adapter
SG$ 40.38
100-240V, 2.5mm (ID) plug with locking connector,
IEC320-C7/C8 2-pin for 3022
5V 3A Power Adapter
SG$ 33.65
5V 3A DC output, 100-240VAC input power supply with 1.7mm (ID) plug, and IEC320-C7/C8 2-pin
5V 3A Power Adapter (Level VI)
SG$ 33.65
5V 3A DC output, 100-240VAC input power supply with 1.7mm (ID) plug, and IEC320-C7/C8 2-pin