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Antenna Feeder Line
SG$ 13.61
Antenna Feeder Line cable for WisGate Edge Prime and Max (RAK7240/7249). This Feeder Line cable allows you to better positioning the gateway antennas for optimal coverage. You can choose between 1.5m, 3m, and 5m cable length.
8dBi Fiber Glass Antenna
SG$ 107.53
The second generation of RAK antennas for LoRa® incorporate high-performance omni-directional elements which support ultra high frequency (UHF) LoRa® bands (US915, AU915, KR920, and AS923).
Premium Screwdriver
SG$ 163.33
130mm length and 18mm handle diameter. Operates using a 300mAh battery and an STM32 embedded microprocessor for smart torque control.
Rakwireless Power Adapter
SG$ 6.81
Power Adapter
mPCIe to USB Board
SG$ 13.61
mPCLe to USB board
Pilot Gateway Pro Enclosure Holders
SG$ 10.89
Pilot Gateway Pro Enclosure Holders
Solar Kit
SG$ 544.43
Solar Kit
CAT5 Ethernet Cable
SG$ 6.81
CAT5 Ethernet Cable
Signal Surge Protective Device
SG$ 43.55
Signal Surge Protective
916MHz Antenna, 868MHz Antenna
SG$ 13.61
HWR Series ½-wave center-fed dipole antennas
RAK4200 breakout board
SG$ 20.42
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 1F
iPEX to N-Type LoRa/LTE Antenna Connector
SG$ 6.81
iPEX to N-Type LoRa/LTE Antenna Connector
iPEX to N-Type GPS Antenna Connector
SG$ 6.81
IPEX ultra-small RF connector designed to have a low profile by micro precise stamping technique. The IPEX connector terminates with a mini cable to an N-Type GPS Antenna Connector.
Wisblock starter kit
SG$ 32.67
This is a bundle of WisBlock Base RAK5005-O and WisBlock Core RAK4631
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro
SG$ 91.19
The RAK5010 is a tracker, which integrates LTE CAT M1 & NB1, GPS, BLE, and sensors. It is built on the Quectel BG96 LTE CAT M1 & NB1 module, which has an integrated GPS receiver. The MCU running the board is a Nordic nRF52840 controller.
WisLink Cellular mPCIe
SG$ 54.31
RAK8213 BG96 based mPCIe cellular IoT module GNSS+NB-IoT USB2.0 CatM1&NB1 and EGPRS, Pin compatible with EC21 Mini PCIe dongle
WisDuino Cellular
SG$ 108.82
WisLink Cellular BG96 Shield simultaneously supporting 3 cellualr standards: 2G/EGPRS, 4G/LTE Cat-M1(eMTC), Cat-NB1(NB-IoT)
WisBlock Wi-Fi Interface Module
SG$ 14.29
RAK2305 is a WisBlock IO module for RAK WisBlock. It extends the WisBlock series with a powerful Espressif ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth module.
WisBlock Temperature and Humidity Sensor
SG$ 6.26
RAK1901 is a WisBlock Sensor that extends the WisBlock system with a temperature and humidity sensor.