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S9028P Circular Polarity RFID Panel Antenna
SG$ 168.63
The Laird S9028PCL antenna is a circularly polarized panel antenna that provides reception and transmission of signals in the 902-928 MHz frequency band. Laird's industry-renowned design methodology achieves maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band.
SG$ 48.34
FM2 Antenna Mounting MOUNT,HD,2.5 MAST
S9025PL/PR Mini RFID Panel Antenna
SG$ 162.22
Laird Connectivity S9025PL/S9025PR are high-performance RFID antennas and the only UHF RFID antenna available to the market that offers no-compromise performance in a small package. At only 5.2” square, the antenna offers a gain specification of 5.5 dBic and axial ratio better than 2 dB.