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Pole Mounting kit for LoRaWAN Gateway
SG$ 79.33
Pole Mount Bracket - Accessory for 450-0190 or 450-0191
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
SG$ 321.36
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
SG$ 199.00
4G Router with 1WAN & 4LAN & 1RS232
4G Router with 1WAN & 1LAN Europe Version
SG$ 160.01
Europe Version Industrial Routers USR-G806-E/AU: high speed 3G/4G network, flexible VPN solutions and link redundancy can ensure the communication data most stability.
4G Modem RS232/RS485 to 4G with 1WAN &1LAN Europe Version
SG$ 168.08
4G Modem RS232/RS485 to 4G with 1WAN &1LAN  Europe version
Din-rail Modbus RS485 Serial to Ethernet Converter
SG$ 37.65
USR-DR302 Modbus RS485 to Ethernet converter can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS485 and Ethernet. Via web-page or software, rs485 to Ethernet Converter can realize serial data and TCP/IP data package transparent transmission. RS485 Port, Industrial Grade Standard DIN-rail mounting Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP
RS232 Port Serial Device Server
SG$ 32.27
1 port RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 can transmit data transparently between TCP/IP and RS232. RS232 to IP Converters USR-TCP232-302 are widespread required in industrial automation. Simple configuration and easy to use.
Solar panel
SG$ 32.27
Rated Power: 5W Max Power: 10.12W Max Current: 0.28A
Operating: -40℃~85℃ Weight: 0.6kg
Solar Panel Power
(Applicable to UC501 and UC511)
EvalAg7161 EVK Ag7100 DC-DC converter
SG$ 230.50
Evaluation board for Ag7100 with Ag6100
EvalAg117x ringing SLIC
SG$ 239.34
Telecoms evaluation boards
Rakwireless Power Adapter
SG$ 6.72
Power Adapter
mPCIe to USB Board
SG$ 13.45
mPCLe to USB board
Pilot Gateway Pro Enclosure Holders
SG$ 10.76
Pilot Gateway Pro Enclosure Holders
Solar Kit
SG$ 537.84
Solar Kit
CAT5 Ethernet Cable
SG$ 6.72
CAT5 Ethernet Cable
Signal Surge Protective Device
SG$ 43.03
Signal Surge Protective