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ASR6505 LoRa Front End Module
SG$ 5.32
The ASR6505 is a general LoRa Wireless Communication Chipset, with integrated LoRa Radio Transceiver, LoRa Modem and an 8-Bit CISC MCU. The MCU uses an advanced STM 8-bit core, with 16MHz operation frequency. The LoRa Radio Transceiver has continuous frequency coverage from 150MHz to 960MHz. The LoRa Modem supports LoRa modulation for LPWAN use cases and (G)FSK modulation for legacy use cases. The LoRa Wireless Communication module designed by ASR6505 provides ultra long range and ultra low power communication for LPWAN application.
SG$ 5.53
The ASR6501 is a general LoRa Wireless Communication Chipset, with integrated LoRa Radio Transceiver, LoRa Modem and a 32-bit RISC MCU.
AN-106 LoRaWAN Tester
SG$ 470.61
LoRa tester AN-106 based on LoRa module. AN-106 LoRa tester is with LCD screen and connect with gateway via OTA network joining. It can test the UPLINK and DOWNLINK packet loss rate and meanwhile users can get RSSI and SNR of gateway transmission.
AG7100 Boost Converter Module, 40W,
SG$ 17.21
Boost Converter Module, 40W, Isolated DC-DC converter, IEEE802.3at compliant, 11-27V In, 48/57V Out, DIL.
AG5810 60W IEEE802.3bt 12V/24V
SG$ 28.24
The Ag5810 is an IEEE802.3bt Type 4 Power over Ethernet module that can deliver up to 60 Watts of output power. Suitable for applications such as WiMAX access points, PTZ cameras,notebook computers, IP cameras, LED lighting, intelligent displays and thin client terminals
AG5300 Low Cost 30W PoE+ Modules
SG$ 0.00
The Ag5300 series are low cost PoE+ modules, in a Single-In-Line (SIL) package, that can deliver up to 30 Watts of output power. Options for 12V DC (Ag5300) or 24V DC output (Ag5324) are available.
AG1171S Low Cost Ringing SLIC with DC-DC Converter
SG$ 10.62
Ag1171 is a low cost single channel SLIC with a fully integrated DC-DC converter to generate all necessary battery and ringing voltages. The module only requires a single supply from +3.3V to +5V. Ag1171 is suitable for low line count, short loop applications, such as Wireless Local Loop Terminals (WLL), Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT), Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) and Internet Telephony (VoIP).
8dBi Fiber Glass Antenna
SG$ 106.22
The second generation of RAK antennas for LoRa® incorporate high-performance omni-directional elements which support ultra high frequency (UHF) LoRa® bands (US915, AU915, KR920, and AS923).
Omni Fiber Glass 440~450MHz 100W antenna
SG$ 110.96
Omni Fiber Glass 440~450MHz 100W antenna
ASR5601 Bluetooth 5.2 SoC
SG$ 1.61
The ARM® Cortex™ M0+ MCU processes BLE software stacks and user’s application software The Cortex™-M0+ core ensures high efficiency and low power. With RF and modem, this SoC supports BLE 125K/500K/1M/2M bps data rates. ASR5601N-ML is designed to meet various kinds of IoT applications such as the data transmission, the remote controller and the speech recognition. OTP is integrated in order to enhance the system's security
Ag210 Low Voltage LED driver with integrated DALI, SIL.
SG$ 21.51
Low Voltage LED driver with integrated DALI, SIL.
Ag201 Low Voltage LED driver with integrated DALI, SIL.
SG$ 19.50
Low Voltage LED driver with integrated DALI, SIL.
Premium Screwdriver
SG$ 161.35
130mm length and 18mm handle diameter. Operates using a 300mAh battery and an STM32 embedded microprocessor for smart torque control.
Sensor Side Vent Gasket
SG$ 1.34
Sentrius™ RS1xx LoRaWAN Sensor Side Vent Gasket - BULK (Roll Qty. x100pcs - pricing per piece)
IG60 BL654 & BT510 Starter Kit
SG$ 670.96
Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 & BT510 Starter Kit
1.83m Open/Closed Sensor
SG$ 22.19
Open/Closed Proximity Sensor, 1830mm Length - SINGLE
1.32m Temp Probe
SG$ 22.86
213mm SS Temp Probe, 6.00mm OD, 1320mm Length  - SINGLE
Wall Mounting kit
SG$ 52.44
Wall Mount Bracket - Accessory for 450-0190 or 450-0191