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MG82G5E32 1T High performance 8051 MCU

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    A Murata company focused on semiconductor innovation pSemi builds upon Peregrine Semiconductor's 30-year legacy of technology advancements and top-ranked intellectual property (IP) portfolio but adds a new mission—to enhance Murata's world-class capabilities with high-performance semiconductors.



    Megawin Technology Co Ltd is a Taiwan-based MCU manufacturer. It focuses on MCU design and sale. The company products include Standard, 1T 8051 MCU, Full Speed MCU, Low-Speed Microcontroller, USB Bridge, USB Keyboard/Mice/Joystick and Charge IC, Low Pin Count 8051 MCU, and USB 8051 Flash MCU.


            1-T 80C51 Central Processing Unit
              MG82G5E32 with 32K Bytes flash ROM

              Data RAM: 2K Bytes

              Dual data pointer

              Interrupt controller

              Total 9/11 timers in MG82G5E32

              Four 16-bit timer/counters, Timer 0, Timer 1, Timer 2 and Timer 3

              One Programmable 16-bit counter/timer Arrays (PCA0) with 8 Compare/PWM modules

              8 Inputs Keypad Interrupt

              Output signal Break & Modulator (OBM)

              10-Bit Single-ended ADC

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              •  1-T 80C51 Central Processing Unit
              • * MG82G5E32 with 32K Bytes flash ROM
                • *ISP memory zone could be optioned as 0.5KB/1.0KB~7.5KB
                • *Flexible IAP size configured by software configured
                • *Code protection for flash memory access
                • *Flash write/erase cycle: 20,000 times
                • *Flash data retention: 100 years at 25℃
                • *Default MG82G5E32 Flash space mapping
                  AP29.5KB 0000h~75FFh
                  IAP1.0KB 7600h~79FFh
                  ISP1.5KB 7A00h~7FFFh
              • * Data RAM : 2K Bytes
                • *On-chip 256 bytes scratch-pad RAM
                • *1792 bytes expanded RAM (XRAM)
                • *Support page select on XRAM access
              • * Dual data pointer
              • * Interrupt controller
                • *18 sources, four-level-priority interrupt capability
                • *Four external interrupt inputs, nINT0, nINT1, nINT2 and nINT3, with glitch filter
                • *All external interrupts support High/Low level or Rising/Falling edge trigger
              • * Total 9/11 timers in MG82G5E32
                • *RTC Timer and WDT Timer
                • *Timer 0, Timer 1, Timer 2 and Timer 3
                • *PCA0, Program Counter Array 0
                • *S0 BRG and S1 BRG
                • *If Timer 2/3 in split mode, then total 11 timers
              • * Four 16-bit timer/counters, Timer 0, Timer 1, Timer 2 and Timer 3
                • *X12 mode and timer clock output function
                • *Synchronous Run-Enable on all timer (same function on Stop and Reload)
                • *New 5 operating modes in Timer 2/3 with 8 clock sources and 8 capture sources
                • *Timer 2/3 can be split into two 8-bit timers
                • *Clock Count Output (CCO) on T2CKO and T3CKO
                • *All timers support PWM mode
              • * One Programmable 16-bit counter/timer Arrays (PCA0) with 8 Compare/PWM modules
                • *PCA0 has 6 CCP (Capture/Compare/PWM) modules and 2 CP (Compare/PWM) modules
                • *Reloadable 16-bit base counter to support variable length PWM
                • *Up to 100MHz clock source from on-chip CKM
                • *Capture mode, 16-bit software timer mode and High speed output mode
                • *Buffered capture mode to monitor narrow pulse input
                • *Variable 8/10/12/16-bit PWM mode, each PCA can be configured to:
                  Up to 8 channels un-buffered 10/12/16-bit PWM, or
                  Up to 8 channels buffered 2~8-bit PWM, or
                  Up to 4 channels buffered 9~16-bit PWM
                • *PCA0 PWM module 0~5 with dead-time control, break control and central-aligned option
              • * 8 Inputs Keypad Interrupt
              • * Output signal Break & Modulator (OBM)
                • *Multi-source modulator and selectable carrier source
                • *Support fast Event Break function
              • * 10-Bit Single-ended ADC
                • *Programmable throughput up to 1M sps
                • *8 channel external inputs and one channel internal input (IVR/1.4V)
                • *ADC VREF+ from external input
              • * Analog Comparator 0
                • *Selectable internal voltage reference (IVR/1.4V) on ACNI0
                • *4 selectable ACPI0(+) inputs
                • *Wake-up from power-down and idle
                • *Glitch filter option and output to internal timer capture
              • * Analog Comparator 1
                • *Selectable internal voltage reference (IVR/1.4V) on ACNI1
                • *Wake-up from power-down and idle
                • *Glitch filter option and output to internal timer capture
              • * Enhanced UART (S0)
                • *Framing Error Detection
                • *Automatic Address Recognition
                • *Speed improvement mechanism (X2/X4 mode), Max. UART baud rate up to 6MHz
                • *Support SPI Master in Mode 4, up to 12MHz on SPICLK
                • *Built-in baud rate generator (S0BRG) to support TX or RX on different baud rate
                • *Support LIN bus protocol with auto baud rate detection in mode 5
                • *S0BRG in timer mode cascaded with Timer 0/1 to be a 16/24-bit timer/counter
              • * Secondary UART (S1)
                • *Dedicated Baud Rate Generator (S1BRG) shares to S0 or set as an 8-bit timer
                • *Max. UART baud rate up to 1.8432/3.0MHz
                • *Support SPI Master in Mode 4, up to 12MHz on SPICLK
                • *S1BRG in timer mode cascaded with Timer 0/1 to be a 16/24-bit timer/counter
              • * One Master/Slave SPI serial interface
                • *Max. 12MHz on SPICLK
                • *8 bits data transfer
                • *Up to 3 SPI masters including S0/S1 in mode 4
                • *Support daisy-chain function in SPI slave mode
              • * Two Master/Slave two wire serial interfaces: TWI0/I2C0 and STWI (SI2C)
                • *One Master/Slave hardware engine: TWI0/I2C0
                • *One software STWI/SI2C, STWI, Start/Stop serial interface detection (SID)
              • * Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT), clock sourced from ILRCO or SYSCLK
                • *One time enabled by CPU or power-on
                • *To interrupt or Reset CPU on WDT overflow
                • *Support WDT function in power down mode (watch mode) for auto-wakeup function
              • * Real-Time-Clock (RTC) module, clock sourced from XTAL, ILRCO or SYSCLK
                • *Programmable interrupt period from mini-second wakeup to minute wakeup
                • *21-bit length system timer
              • * Beeper function
              • * General purpose logic (GPL/CRC)
                • *Bit order reversed function
                • *16-bit CRC engine (CCITT-16 polynomial)
                • *Support automatic CRC of flash content
                • *Programmable initial seed function of CRC
              • * On-Chip-Debug interface (OCD)
              • * Maximum 44 GPIOs in 48-pin package
                • *P3 can be configured to quasi-bidirectional, push-pull output, open-drain output and input only
                • *P0, P1, P2, P4 and P6 can be configured to open-drain output or push-pull output
                • *P6.0, P6.1 and P4.7 shared with XTAL2, XTAL1 and RST
                • *Programmable GPIO driving strength
                • *On chip pull-up enable on each pin
              • * Clock Sources
                • *Internal 12MHz/11.059MHz oscillator (IHRCO): factory calibrated to ±1%, typical
                • *External crystal mode, support 32.768KHz oscillating and missing clock detection (MCD)
                • *Internal Low power 32KHz RC Oscillator (ILRCO)
                • *External clock input (ECKI) on P6.0/XTAL2, up to 25MHz
                • *Internal RC Oscillator output on P6.0/XTAL2
                • *On-chip Clock Multiplier (CKM) to provide high speed clock source
              • * Two Brown-Out Detectors
                • *BOD0: detect 1.7V
                • *BOD1: selected detection level on 4.2V/3.7V/2.4V/2.0V
                • *Interrupt CPU or reset CPU
                • *Wake up CPU in Power-Down mode (BOD1)
              • * Multiple power control modes: idle mode, power-down mode, slow mode, sub-clock mode, RTC mode, watch mode and monitor mode.
                • *All interrupts can wake up IDLE mode
                • *15 sources with 22 pins to wake up Power-Down mode
                • *Slow mode and sub-clock mode support low speed MCU operation
                • *RTC mode supports RTC to resume CPU in power down
                • *Watch mode supports WDT to resume CPU in power down
                • *Monitor mode supports BOD1 to resume CPU in power down
              • * Operating voltage range: 1.8V – 5.5V
                • *Minimum 1.7V requirement in flash write operation (ISP/IAP/ICP)
              • * Operating frequency range: 32MHz(max)
                • *External crystal mode, 0 – 12MHz @ 2.0V – 5.5V, 0 – 25MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
                • *CPU up to 12MHz @ 1.8V – 5.5V and up to 25MHz @ 2.2V – 5.5V
                • *CPU up to 32MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V with on-chip CKM
              • * Operating Temperature:
                • *Industrial (-40℃ to +85℃)*
              • * Package Types:
                • *LQFP48: MG82G5E32 (32K)