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RAK2287 WisLink LPWAN Concentrator
SG$ 119.56
RAK2287 is an LPWAN Concentrator Module with mini-PCIe form factor based on Semtech SX1302, which enables easy integration into an existing router or other network equipment with LPWAN Gateway capabilities.
RAK2245 Stamp Edition LoRa Concentrator
SG$ 141.05
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 2.5F
RAK2245 RPi HAT Edition
SG$ 161.20
RAK2245 Pi Hat Edition is the largest of the RAK2245 family, however, it offers complete compatibility with the Raspberry Pi 40pin header. Thus it is a perfect solution for a DIY gateway using the Raspberry Pi at its core. This makes for a quick to deploy LoRaWAN® solution with low cost and stable performance.
RAK2245 96Boards Edition
SG$ 161.20
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 3.5F