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1.83m Open/Closed Sensor
SG$ 22.18
Open/Closed Proximity Sensor, 1830mm Length - SINGLE
1.32m Temp Probe
SG$ 22.85
213mm SS Temp Probe, 6.00mm OD, 1320mm Length  - SINGLE
Water Ammonia Nitrogen ion Sensor
SG$ 913.99
The water quality ion tester is one of the intelligent on-line chemical analysis instruments, which is widely used in the continuous monitoring of potassium ion values and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water.
LoRaWAN Nitrate Ion sensor
SG$ 950.28
LoRaWAN Water Nitrate Ion Sensor , RS485
Wall Mounted NH3 Gas Sensor 3 in 1 Ammonia Gas Detector
SG$ 342.75
RS485 / analog, GPRS / 4G, NB-IOT / LORA, high density, fast response, 3 in 1 NH3 temperature and humidity detection.
WDS308 Integrated PM2.5/10 noise UV radiation sensor
SG$ 2,977.18
WDS308 Integrated dust monitoring sensor is a specialized small instrument applied to monitor dust at construction sites. It can monitor eight meteorological elements, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air humidity, air pressure, rainfall, radiation, UV index, and can also monitor three environmental factors, PM2.5, PM10 and noise.
Seeed Compact Weather Station
SG$ 2,686.86
The SenseCAP ONE series uses the RS 485 (MODBUS-RTU) / 232 / 422 (Modbus) / SDI-12 communication protocol. Hence, the SenseCAP ONE compact weather sensor can be used with any datalogger that supports RS 485 (MODBUS-RTU) / 232 / 422 (Modbus) / SDI-12.
Optical Rain Gauge Infrared Rainfall Sensor with Lead Box
SG$ 685.49
RS485 / analog, GPRS / 4G, NB-IOT / LORA, high density, fast response, 3 in 1 NH3 temperature and humidity detection.
Soil Temperature/Humidity Sensor
SG$ 73.93
Soil temperature and humidity sensor, for soil temperature and moisture detection, professional soil sensor manufacturers, supply soil moisture sensors, soil NPK sensors and other soil sensors
Soil pH Sensor
SG$ 106.18
Soil pH sensor / soil pH meter, real-time monitoring soil pH online, supports wireless transmission, high accuracy
Speed Soil Measuring instrument
SG$ 152.69
Portable soil sensor, easily connect, visualize, GPS location. RFID Function. 200000 data logging, with Battery.
Handheld Soil measurement intrument
SG$ 308.87
Portable soil sensor, easy to connect, plug and measure, and visualize GPS location. RFID function. 200000 data records, with battery.
Standard Soil Rapid measurement platform
SG$ 335.62
The hand-held soil detector can monitor the soil temperature and humidity, PH, NPK, conductivity and other parameters in real time. It can monitor a single parameter or all-in-one parameter monitoring, plug and measure. It is widely used in farmland, orchard, soil Research, irrigation and other scenarios
Multi Depth Soil Sensor NPK EC Temperature Moisture Tester
SG$ 510.76
Remote monitoring soil NPK, EC, temperature and moisture at different soil depths, RS485/ 4G/ NB-IOT/ LORA wireless transmitter.Small zero drift, repeatable, fast response, easy to install.
RS485 soil water potential sensor
SG$ 539.79
Soil water potential online monitoring, Dynamic soil moisture monitoring.
People counter radar Evaluation kit
SG$ 213.71
The MM5D91 0B is the S mart Entrance Counter sensor solution which integrates 60GHz mmWave technology counts number of people entering and/or exiting an entrance. The module simplifies the implementation of mmWave sensors in the band of 61.0 to 61.5GHz, a nd it includes the ARM C ortex M4F based processor system, 1Tx 3Rx antenna and onboard regulator.