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B4505CS Chrome Base Coil Half Wave Antenna - NMO Spring - 450-470 MHz UHF
SG$ 120.97
The Laird B4505CS is a chrome 33 inch UHF whip antenna with an NMO base - a metal ground plane is required.
B4065C Whip Antenna Closed Coil Collinear Vertical
SG$ 119.62
The Laird / Antenex B4065C is a 36 inch long, Chrome base coil, omnidirectional whip antenna for operation in the 406-430 MHz UHF band, with NMO base. Metal ground plane required.
8dBi Fiber Glass Antenna
SG$ 106.18
The second generation of RAK antennas for LoRa® incorporate high-performance omni-directional elements which support ultra high frequency (UHF) LoRa® bands (US915, AU915, KR920, and AS923).
Omni Fiber Glass 440~450MHz 100W antenna
SG$ 110.92
Omni Fiber Glass 440~450MHz 100W antenna
916MHz Antenna, 868MHz Antenna
SG$ 13.44
HWR Series ½-wave center-fed dipole antennas
2.4GHz PCB Trace RF Antenna Connector Surface Mount
SG$ 18.82
NZH 2.4Ghz Microstrip antenna with MMCX connector
S9028P Circular Polarity RFID Panel Antenna
SG$ 168.01
The Laird S9028PCL antenna is a circularly polarized panel antenna that provides reception and transmission of signals in the 902-928 MHz frequency band. Laird's industry-renowned design methodology achieves maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band.
Laird FG4300 Fiberglass 430~450MHz Omni Antenna
SG$ 100.81
Fiberglass base station antennas feature industry leading design components that perform in extreme conditions