Tectonic Elements designs and manufactures transducers and electronic components for audio applications. The transducer solutions employ NXT® licensed methodologies. The company’s flagship transducer is its BMR® speaker driver. The products are used across a wide range of consumer audio, industrial and automotive applications.

Tectonic Elements offers a range of products encompassing physical and electronic components and platforms that offer designers a rapid route to market with market-leading technology.

BMR ® Speakers

Replace your conventional cone speakers with a Tectonic Elements BMR. This will improve your product features and provide wide dispersion, high quality audio and all in a full range drive unit.

Amplifier Modules

Using the low power Tectonic Elements amplifier allows these modules to deliver more than 20 hours of playtime, they are fully featured and ready to go, allowing a fast time to market with a quality product.


If you believe a Class D amplifier is the most efficient, you haven’t used a Tectonic Elements amplifier. Providing up to 10x the efficiency, with an amazing clarity of sound. The Tectonic Elements amplifier is in a class of its own.


If a conventional drive unit doesn’t allow you to design the product form factors you require and style is the most important feature. Try a Tectonic Elements exciter for your speaker design.

Tectonic Elements products are used worldwide, across a wide range of audio applications*, a selection of which are shown below. Please select a category to find out more information, and explore the diversity and the advantages of utilising Tectonic’s products in your application. If you have any queries, contact your local distributor/representative or Tectonic Elements directly.

Automotive and Transportation

  • Infotainment solutions
  • Public address (P.A.) & safety systems


  • Headphones
  • Home theatre
  • Soundbar/TV
  • Wireless portable speakers

Industrial and Medical

  • Fuel dispenser solutions
  • Medical equipment*
  • Luxury products

Professional Audio

  • Hi-Fi
  • In-ceiling/in-wall