Summit Microelectronics is the leader in flexible, highly integrated power management solutions combining precision power regulation with sophisticated digital control in a single chip. The Company’s devices are found in a variety of consumer, communications and computing applications.

Summit’s unique programmable, non-volatile mixed-signal IC technology combined with a convenient GUI development environment allows for unparalleled functional and parametric flexibility in power supply design. This flexibility applied to common problems such as dynamic voltage/current control and intelligent battery charging, allows for significant system performance improvement while realizing drastic reductions in design effort. Our products include USB Charger ICs, Multi Output DC-DC, Hot Swap Controllers and Imaging ICs.

Product/Application Selector Guides
(I)Battery Charging Family
SMB 137B SMB 136S SMB 328A/B SMB 338P SMB 329B SMB 135 SMB 347 SMB 137C SMB 136C SMB 338P SMB 231/2/3 SMB 239/SMB 240
Topology Switch -mode Switch -mode Switch -mode Switch -mode Switch -mode Switch -mode Switch -mode Swich -mode Swich -mode Swich -mode Linear -mode Linear -mode
Input VoltageRange (V) 4.35 to 6.2 (18) 4.35 to 5.9 (18) 4.0 to 7.0 (20) 4.35 to 6.2 (18) 4.35 to 6.2 (20) 4.35 to 6.5 (10) 4.35 to 6.2(20) 4.35 to 6.5 (18) 4.35 to 6.0 (18) 4.35 to 6.2 (18) 4.35 to 6.2 (20) 4.35 to 6.5 (10)
No. ofInputs/Outputs 2/2 1/2 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 2/2 2/2 1/2 1/1 1/2 1/1
Maximum Charge Current (mA) 1500 1500 1200 1250 1150 900 2500 1500 1500 1250 1000 525
Maximum Input Current (mA) 1400 1400 1200 1250 1150 NA 2500 1500 1500 NA 1500 NA
TurboCharge™ Output Auto- matic Auto- matic Auto- matic Auto- matic Auto- matic Software /uC Auto- matic Auto- matic Auto- matic Auto- matic N/A N/A
CurrentPath™ Control
USB On-The-Go Power
Instant-On System Boot
Charge Current Voltage Output
Low-Battery Recovery Mode
I2C Interface
Programmable Float Voltage
Programmable Charge/Term. Current
Programmable Input Current Limit
Input/Battery OV/UV
Hardware Safety timer
Software Watchdog Timer
Battery Thermal Protection
Automatic Input Current Limit
Automatic Power Source Detection BC1.0 BC1.0 BC1.0 BC1.0 BC1.1 BC1.2 BC1.2 BC1.0 BC1.1
IC Thermal Protection
Package CSP3.0x2.5 CSP3.0x2.5 CSP2.2x1.9 2.1x1.9 CSP-20 CSP2.2x1.9QFN 4x4 CSP2.1x1.3QFN 5x5 CSP 2.5x3.0 CSP2.5x3.0 CSP2.5x3.0 CSP2.1x1.9 CSP2.1x1.6QFN 4x4 CSP2.1x1.3
(II)DC-DC Selector Guide
SMB109 SMB207/A SMB208/A SMB209/A SMB211/212 SMB113/117 SMB214
Input Voltage Range (V) 4.5 to 28 4.5 to 16 4.5 to 16 4.5 to 16 4.5 to 13.5 2.7 to 6.0 2.7 to 6.0
No. of Outputs 8 2 2 1 1 4 3
No. of Buck Outputs 3 2 2 1 1 4 3
No. of LDO Outputs 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
No. of Load Switch Outputs 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Output Current (A) >20 1+1 2+2 4 >20 >5/>5/>10 >5
Control Mode Current Current Current Current Current Voltage Voltage
Switching Frequency (kHz) 300-1200 500/1000 500/1000 500/1000 250-1000 400/800/1000 400/800/1000
Output Voltage Range (V) 0.5-5.0(Prog) 0.8 - 5.0 (Prog 0.8 - 5.0 (Prog) 0.8 - 5.0(Prog) 0.5 - 5.0(Prog) 0.5 - 5.0(Prog) 0.5 - VIN(Prog)
Output Voltage Accuracy (%) 1 2.5 2.5 2.5 1 1.5/2.5 2.5
Internal/External FETs External Internal Internal Internal External External External
Output FET Configuration N-N boot N-boot N-boot N-boot N-N boot P-N P-N
Synchronous/Anynchronous Sync Async Async Async Sync Both Both
Sequencing Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog
Soft-start Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog Prog
OC Limit Prog Prog
Frequency Compensation External Internal Internal Internal External External External
Static Output Voltage Prog
Dynamic Output Voltage Control
Fine Step Voltage Margining • ("A" only) • ("A" only) • ("A" only)
Output UV/OV Monitor Prog Prog Prog Prog
PWM/PFM Light Load
Phase Interleaving (degrees °) 120 180 180 N/A N/A 180 180
I2C/SMBus Interface
Package 7x7 QFN-56 3x3 QFN-20 3x3 QFN-20 3x3 QFN-20 3x3 QFN-20 5x5 QFN-32 5x5 QFN-32
Application Function Part Number Package
Mobile Phone Camera Module AF AF+Shutter Driver SMB272/274 SMB273 CSP CSP
Blutooth Headset Stereo Headset Li Ion Battery Charger SMB272/274 SMB273 CSP CSP
Mobile Phones Smart Phones Mid/Tablets Li Ion Charger with JEITA Li Ion Battery Chrgr-Instand On Battery Charger+Current Path SMB328 SMB329B SMB137B CSP CSP/QFN CSP
MP3 Li Ion Battery Charger SMB272/274 SMB273 CSP CSP
Digital Camera/ Video Camera Battery Charger+Current Path Li Ion Battery Charger Power Manager SMB137B SMB239 SMB119/122 CSP CSP QFN
PDA PMP Personal Navigation Maring Navigation Power Manager Power Manager Inc Batt Charger Li Ion Battery Charger Battery Charger+CurrentPath SMB119 SMB122 SMB328 SMB137B QFN QFN CSP/QFN CSP
Digital Photo Frames Battery Charger-Instant On Power Manager SMB329B SMB111 QFN QFN
USB Data Modem Battery Charger+Current Path SMB136 CSP
Graphics Cards Power Manager SMB211/212 SMB113A/117 SMB106 QFN QFN QFN
Color Ink Printer Laser Printer Power Manager SMB113A SMB117 SMB211/212 QFN QFN QFN
Laptop Netbook Power Manager Power Manager SMB106/108 SMB109 QFN QFN
Femtocell Power Manager Power Regulator SMB106 SMB207/208 QFN QFN
Set Top Box Power Manager Power Manager Power Regulator SMB103/107 SMB211/212 SMB207/8/9 QFN QFN QFN
HD TV Power Manager Power Regulator SMB103/107 SMB207/8/9 QFN QFN
Communication Equipment Sequence,Monitor & Margin Hot Swap Controllers Sequencers/Trakkers Power Manager SMM Family SMH Family SMS/T Family SMB212/106 QFN/TQFP SSOP/TQFP SSOP/TQFP QFN
Computing/Servers Marginers Power Managers Sequencers Power Monitors SMM150 SMB212/108 SMS64/66 SMM151/2/3 QFN QFN TQFP QFN