Quintic Corporation

Quintic Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company that provides low-power cost-effective wireless connectivity solutions for consumer electronics, as well as personal computers and its peripherals. Quintic was founded in Silicon Valley in 2005 by seasoned veterans who are highly skilled and talented in wireless systems, RF and mixed-signal circuit design. Key engineering architect and designers come from top companies in various wireless industries including Wireless LAN, WiMax, and Ultra Wideband communications. The Quintic team has come together to address the unique needs of wireless connectivity for the portable multimedia and handheld markets.

Since early 2007, Quintic has been shipping its flagship FM transmitter chip, QN8000, for personal wireless audio link use. Applications include linking MP3 player audio output or PND audio instruction to car radio system, wireless microphone, portable DVD and an array of other capabilities limited only by your imagination.

Quintic Corporation is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with Quintic Microelectronics in Beijing, China which offers a significant advantage to OEM/ODM customers with our considerable operational footprint in Asia. Moreover, with a solid team of sales and field application engineers located in Beijing and Shenzhen, and Santa Clara, Quintic is uniquely positioned to support our customers worldwide.

(I)FM Chips (II)ATV Products (III)Solution
(I)FM Chips
QN8005 QN8025 QN8035 QN8007 QN8027 QN8006 QN8006LB QN8026 QN8036
Stereo FM Tx V V V V V V
Stereo FM Rx V V V V V V V
RDS Transmit ter V V V V V
RDS Receiver V V V V V V
Clear Channel Scan V V V V V V
Auto Seek V V V V V V V
Head Phone Driver V V V
Differen tial Input
3 Band EQ
Auto Input Sensing V V V
I2S Digital Audio V V V V
Analog Audio V V V V V V V V V
Audio AGC/ Soft Clipping/ Auto Mute V V V V V
Package QFN24 QFN16/ QFN24 QFN16/ MSOP10 QFN24 MSOP10 QFN24 QFN24 QFN16 QFN16/ SSOP16
Dimensi on(mm) 4x4 2.5x2.5/ 4x4 2.5x2.5/3x3 4x4 3x3 4x4 4x4 2.5x2.5 2.5x2.5/ 4.9x3.9
(II)ATV Product (QN8610)
General Description Fabricated in standard CMOS, the QN8610 is the world's smallest, lowest power NTSC/PAL/SECAM single-chip television and FM receiver, enabling global analog free-to-air TV and FM reception for mobile platforms. With ATV reaching more than 5 billion consumers worldwide, the QN8610 lets mobile OEMs and IDHs immediately differentiate their products by adding access to live and familiar programs using existing commercial broadcast infrastructure.

Packaged in 5x5 mm QFN package, the QN8610 provides single-chip video capability by simply adding an antenna and connecting the display to the industry-standard ITU-601 interface. At half the PCB area of existing ATV solutions, the QN8610 minimizes time-to-market and form-factor spins. Leveraging Quintic's patent-pending ultra-low power video processing technology, the QN8610 uses only 95 mA, providing the longest user video experience of any ATV chip.

Optimized for a broad class of application scenarios, such as urban indoor and outdoor viewing and suburban train commuting, the QN8610's innovative DSP-centric architecture delivers best-in-class performance, whether stationary or at speeds in excess of 430 km/h, by implementing dynamic compensation for multi-path fading and Doppler shift.

The QN8610 IDE comes bundled with a fully integrated hardware development board, universal API, AP code, and antenna support to quickly add ATV capability to your mobile platform with minimal resource, time, and expense.

Key Features (I)Global Free-to-Air Broadcast Reception

. NTSC/PAL/SECAM Covering 44 MHz to 860 MHz

. Stereo TV with Full A2 and BTSC Support . SAP Support . FM Stereo Radio Covering 65 MHz to 108 MHz . Fast TV Channel Switching Time

(II)World's Smallest ATV SoC

. 5x5 mm QFN40L Package

. 140 mm2 PCB Area . No External Crystal Required . 13 External Components

(III)Mobility-Optimized Digital Architecture

. Adaptive Filter Reduces Snow and Ghosting

. Dynamic Multipath and Doppler Correction . Mobility Support Up to 430 km/hr

(IV)Versatile Video Support

. Support for Virtually all Portable Screen Sizes

. QCIF, CIF, QVGA, WQVGA, and HVGA . Large-Screen Mode

(V)Ultra-Long Video Experience

. Industry's Longest Video Experience

. 95 mA Current Draw . Power Management to Enhance Battery Life . Direct Battery 1.8 V to 4.2 V Analog and Digital Supply . 1.2 V Digital Supply with internal LDO option . World's Lowest Power FM Receiver

(VI)Universal Interface

. Support video format:BT.601/656,YUV422 and RGB565

. 8-bit parallel digital output . RGB-565 Direct-to-LCD Support . I2S and Analog Audio . I2C Control Interface . Single-Ended or Differential Rod and Patch Antenna Support and Direct 50Ω Interface

(VII)Flexible Developers Platform and SDK

. Driver Support for All AP, BB, and MM Processors

. Bundled AP Library to Reduce Time-to-Market . SDK for Custom Applications
Typical Applications .Smart Phone and Multimedia Phones.Portable &In-Car Entertainment Media Systems .Portable Media Players and Accessories .USB Dongles .Portable Navigation Devices and Accessories .Laptops, Netbooks, and Notepads
Block Diagram
top (III)Solution General Description:By persistently focus on customer's requirement, Quintic application team developed patented solutions to provide value.
QAF2405 QS20xx Air Audio
FM Embedded Antenna for FM application Air Audio wireless earphone/speaker solutions
  • Portable Media Players
  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Handheld
  • Notebook Peripherals