Pyreos is the leading global supplier of infrared sensor products for commercial applications.

III. Packaged Sensors
IV. IR Emitters

I. Spectrometers

(i) Industrial mid IR Spectrometers


Pyreos is able to supply rugged, solid-state mid IR spectrometer systems that can provide high performance monitoring of liquids or gases in the harshest of environments. Our industrial systems are designed and built to each customer’s unique requirements to provide the best possible solution, and have included high pressure and explosive proof solutions. Our expertise includes developing chemometric solutions for customers.

Features & Performance
  • Rapid, accurate mid IR analysis - suitable for liquids or gases
  • Standard interfaces available: CAN/RS232/Ethernet/wireless
  • Solid state with a wide temperature range & stabilised for vibration & shock
Key Benefits
  • Economic and accurate mid IR data
  • Robust and long lasting - suitable for online or inline continuous mid IR monitoring
  • Can be designed to integrate into your existing manufacturing system
Ideal for
  • Oil analysis & condition monitoring
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Food Processing
  • Petrochemical, Diesel & Biodiesel analysis
  • Chemical reaction monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

(ii) Handheld mid IR Spectrometers


Pyreos brings you portable, handheld mid IR spectroscopy. This small, battery powered device provides rapid, accurate analysis of solids or liquids wherever and whenever you need, removing the wait for expensive lab based analysis and enabling instant, onsite results.

Features & Performance
  • Rapid analysis in 5.5-11um (fingerprint region) & 2.5-5.0um (functional groups)
  • Solid state & robust handheld device, less than 1kg in weight
  • Battery powered operation with rechargeable Li on battery
  • Can be pre-loaded with chemometric calibration data
  • Simple, easy to use software
Key Benefits
  • Fast, accurate results at low cost
  • Onsite analysis – no more waiting for expensive lab based results!
  • High performance even in harsh, challenging environments
Ideal for
  • Portable oil analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Oil in water analysis
  • Biodiesel monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical QA
  • Medical analysis of urine & saliva
  • Wastewater monitoring

II. Line Arrays


Pyreos has a unique capability to manufacture un-cooled pyroelectric line array sensors that offer high performance right across the infrared spectrum. Our unique thin film pyroelectric material can be easily patterned to provide individual sensor pixels on the thermally isolating membrane layer of our sensor device. By dispersing different wavelengths of light onto each sensor pixel, new, low cost, solid state IR spectrometers and IR imaging devices become possible. Our customers are using this breakthrough product to provide new analytical solutions in medical, industrial, and scientific fields.

The line arrays are housed in a standard metal dual in line 16 pin package, that outputs an amplified, analogue multiplexed signal. The arrays can be supplied with a variety of filter window options including NIR and mid-IR linear variable filters (LVF), as well more standard options such as anti-reflection coated Si, ZnSe, or Ge windows. These line array products provide a radical new low cost alternative approach to building IR spectrometers and spectral analysers.

KEY Features & Benefits
  • Strong sensitivity across the IR spectral region
  • Fast operation & readout
  • Robust MEMs sensor structure
  • Choice of resolution
  • Spectral engine with LVF
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost uncooled solution
  • Small size and weight
Ideal For
  • IR spectroscopy
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Diabetes monitoring
  • Laser line calibration
  • Process monitoring
  • Oil analysis
  • InGaAs replacement
  • Terahertz imaging
  • Security screening

IV. IR Emitters


Pyreos is pleased to offer a range of blackbody IR emitters. Like our infrared sensors, these MEMs based emitters offer fast frequency of operation, high reliability, excellent value and new possibilities in product design. The blackbody output means that NDIR gas sensing is no longer limited by the sodium glass sleeve of IR bulbs.

The emitters have an almost instantaneous thermal on/off response to an electrical signal, similar to that of an LED. This makes it possible to drive the emitter efficiently, reducing power consumption, whilst still achieving good modulation depth and device lifetime, even when generating operating temperatures of 500-700°C.

Pyreos offers emitters as die, single devices in TO and surface mount packages, and also as linear emitter arrays to complement our IR sensor ranges. Packaged emitters are available with a choice of reflectors and window options to provide a solution for the highest brightness requirement to the physically smallest, low power option

  • Fast frequency with good modulation
  • Sharp ON/OFF
  • High temperature
  • Long lifetime
  • Blackbody emission
Key Benefits
  • Performance
  • Increased wavelength range
Ideal For
  • Optimised performance when used with Pyreos IR sensors

V. Sensor & Emitter Die

Pyreos thin-film MEMs based IR sensors and emitters provide a route to tuning IR device performance to suit an application. This can be anything from overall S/R ratio & sensitivity, peak wavelength sensitivity and frequency response to optimisation for a certain size of device. It includes ways to tune capacitance, pyroelectric coefficient, and other parameters. All of the key device parameters can be controlled by the careful optimisation of the thin-film device structure, which is controlled with nm level precision during manufacture. Whatever you require, we have the tools to design and model it for you before prototyping your new sensor die via our low cost, multi-party wafer service. Just contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to lead you through our prototyping service.

We also have many standard designs which we can supply for initial proof of concept, with small quantities of tested good die provided in gel packs.

Features & Performance
  • Small or large IR sensor die, with high performance
  • Optimised size and performance of sensors and emitters
  • New flexibility to miniaturise sensors with no substantial loss in performance
Key Benefits
  • Designed and optimised for your application
(I) Industrial & Environment
  • Oil Analysis & Condition Monitoring
  • Gas Sensing
  • Flame Detection
  • Petrochemical Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • THz Spectroscopy
  • Security & People Counting
(II) Medical
  • Non-invasive Diabetes Monitoring
  • Anaesthesia Monitoring
  • Patient Monitoring
(III) Consumer
  • Touchless Gesture Control
  • Consumer Breath Analysis