Ezurio Wireless Systems

To meet the demands of an increasingly wireless world, Laird Technologies integrates its Radio Frequency (RF) modules into applications previously communicated by cables. Our high-performance antennas, shielding, and signal integrity products deliver complete solutions and full wireless systems capability. Laird Wireless Systems (LWS) comprises our telematics & wireless M2M, infrastructure antennas and industrial wireless remote control products. Markets served include IT, telecom, industrial & instrumentation, automotive/transportation, medical, mining and railroad.
Proprietary Radio Modules
915 MHz Wireless Module-LT1110 PDF The LT1110 permits an unlimited number of clients to synchronize to a single server for low latency communications. 2.4 GHz Wireless Module - LT2510 PDF Globally-accepted module that exceeds most OEM application and performance requirements. AC4790 - 900MHz Radio Module PDF Features a dynamic addressing scheme, which simplifies node-to-node communication.
AC4490-1X1 - 900MHz Radio Module PDF Puts the power of wireless into the smallest, most cost-sensitive applications. AC4424 - 2.4GHz Radio Module PDF Simplifies the OEM's design effort and assures successful field operation. AC4490 - 900MHz Radio Module PDF Used as direct wire replacements which require no special host software for communication.
ConnexLink - Wireless Cable Replacement System PDF The most flexible and affordable RF serial data device available for both consumers and OEMs. AC4486 - 868MHz Radio Module PDF Number of on-the-fly control commands that provide OEMs with a versatile interface. AC4790-1X1 - 900MHz Radio Module PDF Enables communication with any other in-range transceiver for true peer-to-peer operation.
Proprietary RF Development Kits PDF Provides a complete development environment to help integrate and test RF communication in a matter of minutes.
Zigbee® Radio Modules
Wireless Development Kits PDF Provides a complete development environment to help integrate and test RF communication in a matter of minutes. ZB2430 Wireless Modules PDF Reliable ZigBee mesh architecture.
Bluetooth® Radio Modules
TRBLU23 Bluetooth® Intelligent Serial Module PDF Provides a reliable Bluetooth connection that exceeds all requirements in terms of performance Bluetooth® Serial Module BISM2 PA PDF Ideal to integrate into handheld devices. BISMS02BI Embedded Bluetooth® AT Module PDF Designed with solder connections that allow the module to be mounted directly into designs
Bluetooth® AT Data Module BTM410 / 411 PDF The ideal choice for applications where designers need both performance and minimum size Bluetooth HCI Data Module BTM 420/421PDF Provides exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range Bluetooth v2.0 AT Data Module BTM430 / 431 PDF BT v2.0 for backwards compatibility
Bluetooth Enhanced Data Module BTM440/ 441/ 442/443 PDF Designed to meet the needs of developers who wish to add robust, short-range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products. Bluetooth® Audio Modules BTM510 / 511 PDF Meet the needs of developers adding robust, short-range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products Bluetooth® Multimedia Module BTM520/521 PDF The most advanced low-power, multimedia Bluetooth modules available in the marketplace
BRBLU03-010A0 High Speed Bluetooth® USB Adapter PDF Designed specifically to deliver the high data rates of modern technology Wireless Development Kits PDF The Development Kit supports the rapid development of hardware and software applications. BISM1 Legacy Parts
WLAN Radio Modules
WLM10x Low Power WLAN Module PDF Low Power, simple Serial to WLAN module with Integrated TCP/I WISMC02 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN Module / Device Server PDF All necessary drivers, protocol stack, security algorithms up to the host TCP/IP interface are integrated. WISMC01 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN Serial Module and Device Server PDF Designed to make it simple to embed 802.11 connectivity.
WLM400 High-Performance 802.11b/g Module PDF Delivers performance to embedded designers requiring the high data rates available from WiFi networks. WLM402 High-Performance 802.11b/g Module PDF Delivers performance to embedded designers requiring the high data rates available from WiFi networks. Wireless Development Kits PDF A wireless development kit for embedded developers which is unique in supporting WiFi.
Telematics & Tracking Devices
Access Point Gateway PDF An innovative device platform capable of acting as a network node bridging several of the most common types of wireless, network, and serial data protocols for the purpose of remote data acquisition and control. Asset Tracking Device - Track Platform PDF A customizable platform creating limitless options for customers in many vehicle tracking markets. Asset Tracking External Antenna - 1575MHz/GPS PDF Externally mountable with magnet or adhesive mounting options.
Asset Tracking External Antenna - Cell+GPS/Gain PDF Two dual-band designs cover major mobile communication frequencies. Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - 1575 MHz/GPS PDF Compact and suited for stealth applications. Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - 2.4Ghz/Lan PDF High-performance GPS antenna.
Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cell/GPS-Wedge PDF High-gain antenna for excellent satellite reception. Wireless intelligent Telematics System (WiTS) PDF High-performance hosting technology that provides a highly scalable and secure web-based database store. Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cell+GPS/Gain PDF High-gain solution maximizes coverage area.
Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cellular/Blade PDF Slim flexible design for easy integration into automotive vehicles. GPS Antenna + Receiver PDF Provides a total navigation data input solution. GPS Receiver Module PDF Excellent satellite reception module
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  • EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale)
  • Aftermarket automotive and
  • Healthcare