Domintech Technology Co. Ltd

Domintech Technology Co., Ltd (DMT) is a domestic leader in design and manufacturing MEMS motion sensor, including tri-axial accelerometers(G-sensor) and gyroscopes.  DMT transformed itself to become a MEMS motion sensor company since 2007. With deep root in package technology, DMT aligned itself to develop MEMS package technology first.

A successful MEMS tri-axial accelerometer package development prompted DMT to step further into accelerometer testing to complete the industry infrastructure. A strategic move in 2009 to own its proprietary MEMS chip design positioned DMT as the domestic solely provider of the MEMS motion sensor.  Current products include tri-axial analog and digital MEMS accelerometers. Tri-axial gyroscope is under development now. Engineering samples will be available in the end of 2010 for selected customers first, and MP is scheduled in 2011. Inertial module of six axes will be planned as well then..

Digital 3-axis Accelerometer

Product Size Range Resolution Interface Pin
DMARD03 PDF 4X4X1.2 mm3 ±3G 256 LSB/g SPI/I2C 20
DMARD05 PDF 4x4x1.1 mm3 ±2/4/8G 64/32/16 LSB/g I2C 20
DMARD06 PDF 3x3x1 mm3 ±2G 32 LSB/g I2C 16
DMARD07 PDF 3x3x1 mm3 ±2/4/8G 64/32/16 LSB/g I2C 16
DMARD08 PDF 3x3x1 mm3 ±3G 256 LSB/g SPI/I2C 16
• Display orientation switching • Click sensing • Menu scrolling • HDD protection • Mobile phone • Gaming • Smart toys, etc.