Bosch Transport Data Logger TDL110

TDL110 | Transport Data Logger

Transparency for your Supply Chain

Imagine you send a package with important goods and it is severely damaged on its way. But, who is responsible for this damage?

It happens frequently that the content of packages is broken upon delivery, but determining when the damage occurred and who is responsible poses a challenge. Among others, this applies to manufacturers who ship highly sensitive laser-machine tools. Transportation damages cause extremely high costs and identifying whether the transport service provider or the manufacturer itself is responsible for the defect is of great importance.
Not only machinery can be sensitive, but also the food industry faces transport challenges. Food needs to be stored under different specific condition during transport. This is for example the case, if a large amount of food is sent for catering. Parameters like temperature and humidity play an important role in maintaining the quality of the food.
Therefore, it is time to face the challenges and implement a new way of controlling your package from its origin to its destination.

An easy and smart way to give yourself a piece of mind is to attach the Transport Data Logger from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions to your shipment. This intelligent logging device measures and records the relevant parameters temperature, humidity, shock and tilt. These measurements are documented and visualized through an easy to use mobile application. You can set customized limits for the different parameters dependent on your product’s needs. By this, you are able to trace and assign transgressions to the stations throughout the entire supply chain.
Are you interested in an intuitive and smart solution that provides a good sense of transparency of your delivery? Then have a look at this: